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Our design team can develop website for your business or organization that is not only professional and cutting-edge, but also effective and visually pleasing to the discriminating eyes.

KISS takes care of all aspects of web design. Together with our customers we decide on the look and feel, colors, logo and layout of the website. We are capable of using all types of designing and other technical tools like Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript, Applets and other server side scripting. We also offer search facilities, virtual tours and the dynamic generation of content through databases.

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  Web Design Procedures      
1. Free Initial Consultation
To define the scope of the project and the purpose of your website. Gather information on your target audience. We will discuss your ideas on the appearance of the site as well as the functionality you expect. We explain the technologies involved in the more complex designs using plain language and offer pricing packages on the variations we discuss.
2. Quotation
Project will then be outlined in a proposal, along with timelines (between 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the project scope) and 20% advance payment are required after the agreement of proposal.
3. Planning
Together with our customers we decide on the look and feel, colors, logo and layout of the website. Details and Content such as text and images is collated and the need for modification or extra content is discussed. The site map could be adjusted at this stage and ideas are suggested to improve delivery of the content.
4. Domain Name and Web Hosting
  Domain name is registered and appropriate hosting plans are offered.
5. Mock Up Design
  A draft design and/or page samples are prepared for your approval.
6. Adjustments
Client reviews the design and creates a numbered list of changes and/or revisions, if necessary. At this stage, after approving the design and layout, another 20% advance payment will be collected from the customer.
7. Ongoing Interaction
  We design and develop your site with ongoing consultation and testing.
8. Website Publishing
  Your website goes live. At this stage remaining 60% of the payment is collected.
9. Modification & Maintenance
We provide extra care to our customer when it comes to updating or bringing changes to the existing website. We monitor the traffic to your site so we can make suggestions for improvement. (If the updates or add-on features required are extreme, there will be some charges accordingly).